Welcome to the Poker Master!

Funny Texas Hold'em Poker game for you and your friends! You can get the feeling like you play in a casino in vegas.

• Free chips - Play the game every day to get free chips!

• Quests - Complete daily quests to get free chips!

• Free gifts - Send gifts to your friends for free!

• Funny gifts - Here are flowers and beers, but also some funny things you can get. If you dont't like someone, throw a tomato on his face!

• Fair - Random Number Generator make the game fair, you can win all by your skill.

• Club - Create a club, invite your friends join in it, you can find who is the best of you.

• Quick start - Login in as guest, spend free chips to buy-in. No one can stop you from having fun!

♣♠♦♥ More Poker Games ♣♠♦♥

• Short 6+ - Remove 2,3,4,5 cards,a funny way of Texas Hold'em Poker.

• Spades - Points are accrued by winning at least the number of tricks bid in each hand, and are lost by failing to take at least that many, or in some cases by taking too many.

• Blackjack - 21,just the game everyone knows.

• 2VS1 - A game of 3 players;first of all,everyone get 17 cards,and then one of them can choose a team alone to get 3 more cards.Combine the cards in your hand,who played all cards,the team win.

• Homerun - 1 or 2 decks,everyone got 13 cards.Combine cards into three rows,players compare the same row and get scores.

• Bullfight - 5 cards,choose three cards to form a multiple of 10,compare the single digit size of the sum of the remaining two cards.

• More funny games come soon.Like slots,roulette and omaha.